Innovation Park

the integration point of entrepreneurs
and sustainable economic development
in the agricultural sector of the Eurasian
iEconomic Union



center for development
and social support

Professional training
professional development
development of innovative activity

Security and guarantees from the state

Special conditions for business

Compliance with world trade organization standards

Compliance with the standards of the Eurasian economic Union

1640 THOUSAND m2 total area
500 THOUSAND m2 area ORC
35 BILLION RUB. project budget

Agroindustrial Innovation Park M4DON

This is a well-maintained engineering platform designed for the location and development of agricultural enterprises in the complex with scientific and technological educational institutions equipped with the most modern laboratories and exhibition spaces.

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Uninterrupted supply of high-quality and affordable food to the population

Increase in international trade and transit traffic

Driver of the development of the entire Russian agro-industrial complex and the core of the new agricultural polic

The project is at the stage of finalizing the idea and calculating indicators

Use the potential of the agroindustrial Park,
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